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How to discern the stand or fall of a yoga shop towels
Mar 29, 2017

With the continuous improvement of material life level, people pay more and more attention to for people's health, many people join the yoga exercise. This yoga shop towels demand is becoming more and more big, so how to discern the stand or fall of a yoga shop towels? Step east sporting goods to say to you about today.
Above all, want to know about the yoga shop towel quality standard range, that is to say if it is good quality yoga shop towels, should meet the following five conditions. The opposite has a problem.
The weight of the shop, yoga, wipes. Fabrics of the same quality of a material, ingredient, the general cost is high, the quality is good, this is our general all know, so, you can ask the seller, what is the weight of the yoga towel shop, here but can't lie. Thick towel is 380 g, 300 g thin again. In this case, the gram weight is the weight of every square metre, using g as the measuring unit. In general, yoga shop towel before gluing gram weight is 360 g/m2, after glue is 550-550 grams per article.
2 shop, yoga, the colloidal particles on the full and round.
Third, the grip feels strong, skid resistance is strong.
Four, the towel fabric warp and weft are level of superfine fiber is dyed evenly
Fifth, sturdy and durable. Lock line adopts eight high elastic polyester thread and beautiful, strong and durable. And general manufacturers use six even four lock line and fake polyester, line loose fall off easily and not beautiful.

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