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Mouse pad products are mainly divided into six kinds of materials
Mar 29, 2017

Mouse pad products are mainly divided into six kinds of materials: traditional cloth, special cloth, synthetic resin material, glass, metal and coating. The six kinds of material, the following is combined with the above several technical indexes respectively analyze them and comment.
Most mouse pad of rubber or cloth has been adopted as raw materials, this kind of product of the friction surface texture
Mouse pad force is bigger, facilitating mechanical mouse movement and positioning, and the price is low, easy to carry, under a lot of sales in the market. Especially in the field of advertising mouse pad get the favour of people.
To fit the new optical mouse, there are vendors launched the material such as glass, aluminum, mouse pads, whose characteristic is the surface has a special texture, increase the sensitivity of the light reflection and handle, and easy to clean. Wear, but its material will increase the mouse, there may be subtle and moving voice. Attention should be paid to the surface of the mouse pad when choosing whether level off, to reject some have burr, uneven texture of the surface of the product. Also note that the product is easy to deformation, such as some products all adopt the raw rubber and thinner, use of permanent bending extremely easy. There are more popular silicone mouse pad.
Cloth cover: it is well known cloth mouse pad is a kind of more popular mouse pad products, its application scope and the most widely cloth mouse pad is also the mainstream mouse pad products on the market. Cloth pad is currently the most widely used of mouse pad, the main points of traditional cloth pad and coated cloth pad two kinds. Ordinary cloth mouse pad is mostly by very fine cloth attached on a piece of rubber, made on the back of the herringbone natural rubber is used to prevent slippery effect. For can the enterprise's product pictures and contact way through heat sublimation transfer printing, has reached the advertising effect
Silica gel, silica gel mouse pad is made of silicone material which is produced by physical process, first of all, it possesses all the characteristics of the organic silicon material. Organic silicon with inorganic material and organic material performance, low surface tension, viscosity-temperature coefficient is small, high compressibility and high gas permeability
Silica gel mouse pad
The nature, and have high and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, resistance to oxidation stability, weather resistance, flame retardant, hydrophobic, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, and excellent physiological inertia characteristics. Because organic silicon material structure characteristics, so it have the ability to absorb radiation. Easy to clean silicone mouse pad, longer service life. Silica gel mouse pad is specially developed for optical mouse a mouse mat product.
Plastic: plastic mouse pad is game players when choosing game peripherals equipment is preferred, because of too slippery or too acerbity mouse pad for a small range of precise operation is not very good, so move fast and accurate braking performance often become opposite side. At that time, plastic mouse pad products is a good compromise.
Plastic mouse pad products in the smooth degree of performance is very good, also very stable to control, in the positioning precision is also higher. Plastic mouse pad product dirty after wash with water directly, very convenient. Plastic mouse pad is the biggest drawback is not wear-resisting, especially those who use the low speed of the mouse in the game player to move the mouse to substantially. Glass and metal material mouse pad can be said to be the first high-end gaming mouse pad, two kinds of material mouse pad is very similar to handle. A common feature is very smooth. Due to the problem of glass and metal material of material mouse PAD almost extinct in the market, but in the following the SteelSeries I - 2 and SX, domestic several mouse PAD manufacturer radium billiton, hell FIRE and FIRE - PAD also respectively introduced metal material mouse PAD products.
Glass and metal are similar in mouse pad in hand, they have a common characteristic is very exquisite. The two most players know glass and metal material of mouse pad, because of the material itself, is not the right hand sweat of players to choose, because once a sweat easily lead to the mouse on the mouse pad surface lost frames.
It is worth mentioning that in the glass and metal material of the mouse mat mouse using thicker feet stick can also cause mouse lost frames. In the wear-resisting degree of the two aspects of glass and metal material mouse pad are excellent, by contrast, glass mouse pad wear-resisting degree than metal wear-resisting degree of mouse pad.
The shortcoming of glass and metal material mouse pad is not convenient to carry, and these two kinds of material mouse pad on price is relatively high, mostly gamers or peripheral enthusiasts will buy.
There are all kinds of mouse pad, such as silica gel mouse pad, EVA mouse pad, mouse pad like box, rubber mouse pad, mouse pads, wrist glass mouse pad, PP/PVC ultra-thin mouse pad fluid into the oil optical mouse pad, mouse pad, mouse pad genuine leather, they usually have the advantages of rich colors, the price is cheaper, on the application and advertising mouse pad, cartoon mouse pad, dolls mouse pad, photo mouse pad, really is a great variety variety is complete, if you still hesitate to view the kinds of mouse pad might as well go to computer market.

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