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The ancient Indian people also use a yoga mat?
Mar 29, 2017

Yoga originated in India, from the beginning of the ancient Indian people also use a yoga mat?
This issue has no ancient indians to again, also do not know to have the world held a conclusive research today.
Heard that, the first Indian to practice yoga is unlucky with yoga MATS, they act day night, in the place of qianjin, body and mind, people are similar to those of the universe. However, today the world has already practiced yoga and ancient Indian people completely different. Yoga mat also became not or lack of funding. Because yoga mat is made from special material, the difference in the same usually mat or carpet, can rise to prevent slippery, defend the spine, hip, knee and ankle in areas such as the hub of the key role. Another force than is one thing: yoga mat can play a role of insulation, defend the practice within the body energy is gathered to enrage away.

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