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What is a PVC yoga mat?
Mar 29, 2017

Heard that it is an Indian yoga mat. This kind of cloth mat imported from India, through manual knitting dyeing, can pad plastic yoga mat in usually used. Reasons for doing so is to think that the plastic material yoga mat fight skin is bad, and also more soft cloth mat, can also carry, sever role when using mass yoga mat. But I don't know if cloth cushion antiskid result ideal?
According to the thickness of "need"
About the thickness of the yoga mat, the cities market deploying common yoga mat on tianshui practice, have 3.5 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and several thickness 8 mm. One of the most fundamental is advocated, beginners can use thicker, such as 6 mm thick yoga MATS, purpose is to defend activities damage. After certain fundamental and experience, you can switch to the thickness of 3.5 mm to 5 mm yoga mat. Although, if you are afraid of "pain", can choose relatively thick yoga MATS practice.
PVC cheap and fine
Foamed PVC (PVC content 96% around 1500 grams is the weight of the yoga mat) the name of the PVC is a kind of chemical material, is a kind of raw material. But not PVC foaming is past don't possess soft and slippery. The role of the buffer, only after its foaming, brilliant produce like yoga mat, non-slip mat of finished products.
Features: PVC material price material benefit, can buy everywhere, quality is guaranteed, high ratio of force.
Tip: restraint buy shoddy yoga mat made of secondary material.
Cloth pad to buy
Occasionally by accident, we saw some people on yoga class using a color is bright beautiful, just like the Arab flying carpet as yoga mat.

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