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Why should we learn yoga
Mar 29, 2017

Yoga can improve people's physical, psychological, emotional, and mental ability, is a kind of body, mind and spirit of harmony, to the effect of the unity of body and mind. Love beautiful you can have a try.
The benefits of yoga:
1, regulate physiological, equilibrium
Yoga emphasized the body is a huge system, the system is made up of several parts, each part to keep good state to have a healthy body. Through yoga asana, pranayama, adjust the physiological function of various organs and reach the purpose of strengthening the key body.
2, tension, calm heart
Through various completely breathing, meditation and yoga asana, adjust nerve system, to eliminate nervous
3, mind, and hold world with virtue
Yoga advocates a healthy attitude to life, let you naturally get rid of smoking, drinking these bad habits. By continuously surpass ourselves, also let you full of confidence.
4, special techniques, special curative effect
Yoga to lose weight, the symptom such as insomnia, anxiety, and arthritis very good curative effect
The origin of yoga:
Yoga originated in India, it has a history of more than five thousand years culture known as "the treasures of the world
Yoga originated in northern India's Himalayan foothills region, the ancient Indian yogis in nature science of uniting the body and mind, inadvertently found a variety of animal and plant natural therapy, relaxation, sleep, or keep a clear method, fell ill to recover naturally without any treatment. So ancient Indian yogi according to animal posture observation, imitation and personally experience, created a series of wholesome exercise system, namely the asana. These position after five thousand years of temper, the cure for yoga teaches people, let people benefit from generation to generation.
Expert view:
Yoga, is supported by many people, it has a lot of benefits. Therefore, suggest MM do yoga, more relaxed attitude shape moving curve and cultivate confidence. But yoga is a long process, don't try so hard, the slowly

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