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Why TPE yoga mat the most environmental protection?
Mar 29, 2017

Things such as TPE is supreme yoga mat product, do not contain chloride, do not contain metallic elements, antistatic, about 1200 grams each mat, lighter than PVC foam mat about 300 grams, more appropriate to carry out.
Features: soft, docile, strong grip - placed in all the ground than force strong. Compared with the material of PVC yoga mat, light weight about 300 g, it is more convenient to carry.
Tip: TPE yoga mat the material price is on the high side.
The interests of the TPE MATS, light quality, easy to carry, easy to wash, dry and wet skid resistance are very good, and cushion TPE material of high purity has no smell. Most of PVC foam cushion because of technology and cost reason or some taste, this is not to pace to remove. Even if some products have no taste, does not represent the contents change about some harmful substance does not exist, unless the course held a variety of inspection on the scale of export products.

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