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After A Yoga Mat, How Should Nurse
Mar 29, 2017

Carefully to buy back the yoga mat, from now on, is a good friend of your yoga practice. Treat a good friend, nature is little not attentive caress. If buy back the yoga mat, often use never maintenance, accumulation on the surface of the yoga mat, dust and sweat will eventually harm to the health of the host so frequently cleaning yoga mat is essential.
In order to ensure the best health cleaned once every other week. The most simple and easy cleaning method is to drop or two of detergent against the four bowls of water, spraying in the yoga mat, then wipe with dry cloth. If yoga mat is very dirty, can also be a cloth dipped in detergent to gently cleansing yoga mat, then rush clean with clear water, then use dry towel roll up yoga mat, blot excess water. Dry it in the end, the yoga mat.
It is important to note that the dosage of washing powder as far as possible, because once the detergent residues in yoga mat, yoga mat may become slippery. In addition, don't put it on the yoga mat to dry under the sun exposure.
Actually learning yoga mat has many, many, how to select each yoga mat? Where to buy cheap and fine yoga mat? All of these needs further research yoga enthusiasts. But in the end, yoga mat knowledge is dead, and with humans is alive. Suits own, is the best forever.
Matters needing attention
The size of the yoga MATS mainly cmx183cm cmx173cm 61 and 61. Domestic mainly based on 61 cmx173cm primarily. There are other specifications, 65 x175cm TPE mat is exported to Japan.
The thickness of the yoga mat basically has 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm. The thickness of 6 mm for the standard, more suitable for early practitioners, TPE mat can do 10 mm, very soft.
Must be chosen when trying to choose a little soft, stick to better grasp the field when tile, sweating cannot slide, had better be to easy to carry, must have the better performance of waterproof, prevent slippery, even sweat can function in practice, at the bottom of the mat, granular won't skid,
Yoga mat is close skin sex is extremely strong, we stand, sit, lie, or lying, direct or indirect contact with the skin, the longest period of contact, especially feet, of course, hard to avoid can produce bacteria or something. What yao cleaning link is very important. Many people will use disinfectant to clean directly. Results is the corrosion on the mat, the service life of cut short the mat.

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