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Common Type Of Mouse
Mar 29, 2017

Mechanical mouse
It is a combination of optical and mechanical mouse. The principle of it is against the rolling rubber ball has two mutually perpendicular transmission shaft, wheel shaft has a grating, grating on the opposite side of the wheel corresponds to the leds and light activated triode. When the mouse moves, the rubber ball two shaft rotates, while the grating wheel rotation, light activated triode in the receiving leds light when the grating wheel continuously blocked, resulting in a pulse signal, through the mouse within the wafer processing after receiving by the CPU, the number and frequency of the signal corresponds to the distance and speed of the screen.
Trackball mouse
Trackball mouse working principle and internal structure is similar to ordinary mouse, just changed the way the movement of the wheel, the ball stationary, directly changing the trajectory of the ball with the hand to control the movement of the mouse arrow. Trackball novel appearance and can be arbitrarily placed, after used to feel pretty good also. And even if under the impact of the photoelectric mouse, there are still many designers more favor with trackball mouse accurate positioning.
Photoelectric mouse
Photoelectric mouse products according to the s and the use of technology can be divided into two generations of products,
Photoelectric mouse
Their common characteristic is no mechanical mouse must use the mouse ball. The first generation of photoelectric mouse judging interrupter by light signals, the most significant characteristic is to use a special piece of reflector as the mouse moves the pad.
Photoelectric mouse products on the market at present is the second generation of photoelectric mouse. The second generation of the principle of photoelectric mouse is very simple: it is used optical technology, it is a digital photoelectric technology, compared with the previous mechanical mouse is a completely new technological breakthroughs.

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