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Mouse Pad Clean Up
Mar 29, 2017

Metal type of mouse pad clear: first find a clean piece of chemical fiber material wet face cloth dips in water, pay attention to not too wet, for without water. Then gently wipe the surface of the metal pad from the same direction. Don't be too hard. Cleaning after using another clean towel to dry can go the pad metal residual water damage.
Plastic type of mouse pad clear: first of all, fetch a basin of water will plastic pad soaked for a moment, and then apply a small amount of wash clean, with an old toothbrush gently scrub, not hard, soft bristles, otherwise easy to damage the mouse pad. After repeated several times to scrub the plastic mat, basically is clean.
Cleaning cloth pad type mouse pad: the cloth pad not mentioned here refers to the poor quality of that kind of blue cloth pad on the market. But Rantopad, allsop and Fatpad dktpad these relatively well-known abroad some mouse pad. Specific method is: the cleaning method of similar metal pads, only to different is because absorbent cloth, be sure to control the water cannot too much, and for some more deep stains, as long as it doesn't affect the mobile, don't try to be completely erased, as this is likely to damage cloth pad surface texture, the mouse pad surface smoothness is destroyed, affect the normal use of the mouse.
Type glass mouse pad cleaning: use after soaked in water for a small amount of wash clean soft cloth and gently scrub in the same direction. Do not use an old toothbrush to clean, because the old toothbrush its hardness could scratch pad. In general are after washing dry before using.

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