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The Choose And Buy Of Mouse
Mar 29, 2017

To the choose and buy of mouse skill, the author does not think the choose and buy, traditional interface card directly to materials and workmanship, because as a peripheral products of mouse, in many ways, and can not be compared with the card products. So the author summarizes some factors of the choose and buy of mouse and share.
According to the purpose of choose and buy
When the choose and buy a mouse, the first to see what's the function of the selected mouse. MM of mouse from general users, the shape of the mouse small fashion and beautiful beautiful colour is important, and has a special cool modelling and color of the mouse is loved by extremely personality of game users. For FPS game enthusiasts, they pay more attention to the mouse of choose and buy is the reaction speed and positioning accuracy, thus has around 800 dpi resolution desktop optical mouse and laser mouse is their favorite. Long time use the mouse graphic artists, in addition to the requirements of the mouse's reaction speed and positioning precision is close friends certainly, the comfort of human body engineering design also cannot be ignored, many vendors have also launched many for this trackball mouse. Often use a laptop, mobile office if also prepare for their laptop with a mouse, the cabinet and delicate wireless mouse will definitely make you love with The Times, and each big manufacturers also have this kind of product.
The price and brand
A good brand has always been not ads can boost, but the result of years of market reputation and technology accumulation. Can't be JS, and want to buy their own guaranteed, so it is best not to covet petty gain to buy those things with a less known and inferior brand. What is called a price points a points goods, products with a less known and inferior brand no matter from workmanship, materials or technology is difficult to compare with famous brand companies and that's why you find it hard to believe that a 3 without the product's performance is better than Microsoft's IE3.0 (data review article price) to a good cause. When buying brand mouse products, of course, also want to our strengths, if a set of assembly machine is a total of $5000 budget, but also took out 600 yuan to buy the mouse, that would be a bit more.
The outer packing, sometimes the consumer will find some famous mouse packaging can have multiple shape at the same time, the author remind everybody, this is not a mouse manufacturers also have a variety of shapes, but appeared to counterfeit products. To identify the true and false of the mouse, sometimes it can be seen from the outer packing. In general, authentic mouse bottle material softness is exquisite, beautifully printed and there are many anti-counterfeiting logo and contact details of manufacturer, but also indicate the interface type, click on the resolution of the mouse and the applicable operating system. The false packaging is multifarious, despite the apparent authenticity, but due to remake the packing is the picture, in order to save money, its printing is quite rough, vague and material also more soft, is generally not the same as the mouse itself on the package of the product serial number, or all is a serial number. Before a burst of, this site is published an article on Microsoft fake identification of peripheral products, you can enter the contest between good and evil True and false of Microsoft keyboard mouse distinguish method in this article, the do some reference.
The rat body design
Again strong, classic mouse again also only experience after know not suitable for yourself, so when are you going to buy a mouse, or in the dealer to try out best to burn, from its positioning accuracy and response speed and shape using various feelings, feel and use left hand computer users will need to purchase a rat body symmetric design of mouse products, so as not to buy back after cannot be used. In addition, rat back uplift degree is also very important, different users on the back of the rat control degree is different, so consumers at the time of purchase the mouse also want to consider to the back of the rat of high and low degree, generally with human body engineering design of big brands mouse is done in this regard is relatively good.
Work packages of the mouse
Due to various reasons, hardware products work packages have been on the market has a larger sales, the mouse products is no exception. But as the development trend of the work package product profit is more and more low, some JS began to act as a work package with overhaul goods to sell products, causing many to buy work package mouse player in return, when using a lot of problems, but because is a work package products, and therefore could not be formal quality assurance. User when buying work package mouse, deal with the appearance of the product and the bottom more observation, some refurbished goods is not easy to recognize, however, so if the user is afraid of buy refurbished goods, the most direct way is to buy boxes of quality goods. If you buy work package products, best to buy some word of mouth good counter.

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