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The Maintenance Of The Mouse
Mar 29, 2017

The mouse pointer
Mouse pointer refers to using the mouse to control and can display the cursor on the screen graphics. Some beautify the desktop program to beautify mouse is your mouse pointer stored in this folder. Can delete folders in the mouse pointer, mouse pointer for the Windows default will not have an influence.  
Mouse clean  
Using a mouse, mouse dirty is found, the dry cloth can be stained with a little industrial alcohol gently wipe the surface of the mouse can, in the corner of the article such as do not use rough cloth to wipe. When using the mouse, please maintain the cleanness of the desktop, or use the mouse pad, avoid mouse infected with dirt ball, caused the scroll.  
For mechanical mouse when rolling bad, please put the mouse to flip into the bottom up, will get bad cover: clockwise direction, can take out the ball. To roll the ball to wipe clean, and use the cotton buds dab a little alcohol, the dirt on the three rollers inside the mouse to wipe clean, then roll the ball into the mouse, cover protection cover. Regularly check whether the mouse inside is infected with dirt, clean up at any time, to get the mouse be smooth sliding efficiency.  
Mouse to beat  
Mouse to beat the reason: the mouse itself quality closes nevertheless, cannot accurate positioning; Ambient light is too strong, interfere with the photoelectric mouse reception; Mouse pad is not smooth, etc.  
First, make sure your mouse type, if it is a mechanical, please check your mouse two directions at the bottom of the stem is wrapped in thick fabrics, if so, please remove, and then check whether the transmission rod connections in good condition; If is photoelectric, please check the mouse to the refraction of laser crystal, check whether the scratch, if yes, please change, to check whether the laser head have Nick, if yes, have to be changed. If above all have no, you can in my computer mouse option in control panel to adjust.  
Mouse failure  
When the mouse failed, what you should do what? Immediately replace a new mouse? In fact mouse failure reason is that there are a lot of, such as poor contact, dust inside, mouse driver error or there is something wrong with the Settings, and so on. Here are some of the ways to solve the mouse failure.  
Right-click mainly some features and shortcuts, when we use mouse right click on the C, D, such as the disk will pop-up menu, and then click choose and determine.

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