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Yoga Mat Is Divided Into Several Kinds Of Material, Common Flax, TPE And PVC Material
Mar 29, 2017

The two cushion: recycling, avoid pollution of the environment. The main soft, lie down, tile ground, strong grip. TPE each mat about 1200 gram, lighter than the PVC 300 grams left and right sides, easy to carry. Waterproof non-slip, even sweating, in the above practice slide effect is so great!
TPE MATS, however, the price is very expensive (which depends on everybody's needs) if according to the price term, PVC cushion the economy, some more affordable.
First of all, is the main, from the ends of the cushion roll up (mat) after have a look at whether there was a very uniform bubbles, gas bigger and even the best! This suggests that the foamed hair good.
1. Take a yoga mat, first of all, don't open, nose to smell the top of the cushion. See if there is a pungent smell. General good yoga mat not have much taste, put to two days after opening, to trace the smell of escaping! If after a long time, it is still not cleared, it is possible that this mat quality closes nevertheless, use for a long time can cause damage to the body.
2. With the hand feel, see heavy not heavy, if heavy, may not have PVC foaming technology, is accumulation of raw materials. (typically 2.5 kilograms, yoga mat is 1.5 kg) of PVC foaming technology, excellent elasticity and walk to recover soon! While the rest of the process, stepped over a long time to play. The technology gap between big, also is one of the biggest reasons for the price gap.
3. After opening a closer look at work, is careful, the general domestic mat do manual work is very rough. There is only one side foam, contact with the ground side not prevent slippery design. . And sellers sell the MATS when yoga mat, everyone to polish eyes. )
4. Push the yoga mat surface gently with the palm, should have a sense of dryness, if yoga mat surface foaming agent residues have slippery feeling too much, so in the above exercises will be easy to slip and fall. (although, like some good yoga mat in Taiwan has just started with a layer of antibacterial layer, the sweat will find some slip, but don't worry, this layer gradually subsided, prevent slippery effect is revealed! But homebred mat is washed-up, always will slide down.)
5. We try to choose 6 mm thick. Do some knees moves, for example, will not feel pain.

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