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Yoga Mat Of Choose And Buy
Mar 29, 2017

Yoga mat of choose and buy should pay attention to the following: length should not be shorter than the height, width is narrower than shoulder width.
In about 6 mm, the thickness of the thin cushion in joint contact with the ground when they feel pain, too thick and will affect the movement stability of the stand. Choose 7 mm (generally beginners yoga mat is moderate)
Observe the elasticity of the yoga mat. Press knead to yoga mat, such as the feeling is easy to pinch of both hands together, prove that yoga mat is too soft, this yoga mat even thicker, joints, such as the knees touch the ground when he gave pain. Such as yoga mat quality is not very good, we can't accept the fragile skin, and easy to break, not easy to receive. Must choose good elasticity, soft hard moderate the practice of yoga MATS to cooperate with you.
The uniformity of the yoga mat. The yoga mat tile, observe its foaming uneven degree, if the foam pad surface uneven, in use process is easy to damage. If damaged bumps on the foaming, beyond repair.
Weight is moderate. Because yoga mat in a lot of times we need to carry, so try not to select too heavy MATS, in order to carry.
Mat surface skid resistance, cushion flat out with the palm of your hand you push hard on the mat and then push forward, if the cushion on the ground sliding or hand on the mat, suggests that cushion of skid resistance is not very good. Is likely to cause unnecessary damage in the process of practice, should be careful with this kind of mat.

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